Just in case

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“Just In Case” happened on december 9th 2011. It took place in four different art centers simultaneously.

A performer in Laboral (Gijon, Spain) interacted with an installation in Hangar (Barcelona, Spain)

while a musical collaboration among five musicians occurred between Lieu Multiple (Poitiers, France) and Laboral.

A remote audience in SAT (Montreal, Canada) watched the whole process.

The performer in Laboral dropped ropes on the floor. It activated sensors which triggered motors, in Hangar.  The motors opened boxes of salt placed on the ceiling, and activated 3D video elements projected onto the floor around the salt.

Teleshared action, four places (nodes).


Node Laboral.Centro de arte y creación idustrial (Plat0): Marga LLano Vicente Pastor, Ernesto GarcíaLas CasicasiotonePaula Pin

Node EMF. Espace Mendes France (Lieu Multiple)Claire BergeraultPatrick Treguer

Node Hangar. Centro de producción de artes visualesFrancois MourreAlexandre BerthierSara MalinarichManuel Terán


Node Sat.La Société des arts technologiques.

Technical support and interface development: Alexandre Quessy (SAT), Axel Guillaumet (Hypernoika), Raffaello Manacorda, Alex Posada, Sergi Larios,  Miguel Ángel de Heras (Hangar), Manuel Terán, Alexandre Berthier (INTACT).

Special Thanks: Pedro Soler, Salah Malouli, David Pello, René Barsalo, Luc Courchesne, Mical Seta, Mike Wozniewski, Heaven Baek, Yuko Mohri, Carlos Villar, Pilar Velasco.