Carnival. Distributed telepresence system

Carnival is a distributed telepresence system based on electronic and digital devices, which we call modules. Carnevale creates a network of interconnected assets facilitating the exchange of data in real time between two or more points and simultaneously opens a passage in cyberspace for the incorporation of other presences and interactions. Therefore, the experience of […]

Host’s Diary

This project of artistic telepresence reproduces the dilemma of the host. In Spanish the term “huésped” is ambiguous, and so it was its latin origin “hospes,” a word used to refer both to those who host someone and to those who are hosted (this is why we chose the English term “host” which clearly comes […]


Polizone – 3ª fase de Huésped – Intact Project from INTACT on Vimeo. HUÉSPED is a an initiative from INTACT and it is defined as an innovation project in the arts and telecommunications field. It is an independent and self-funded project. It counts on the contribution of artists in Europe (Spain and France) and Northamerica […]

Other recent projects

CultureHub – New York

CultureHub presents Staging the Network: A Discussion about Telecommunications for Performance livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Monday, October 13 at 6:30pm EDT (New York) / 11:30pm BST (London) / 22:30 GMT / 5:30pm CDT (Austin) / 3:30pm PDT (Vancouver) / Tuesday, October 14 at 9:30am AEDT (Sydney).

In Twitter, use hashtag #newplay and follow @culturehubnyc, @HowlRoundTV.

Core to CultureHub’s practice is the desire to investigate methods in which performing arts venues can use emerging network technologies such as WebRTC to facilitate and augment live performance. This discussion will bring representatives from the EU-funded project Vconect (Falmouth University and CWI), network art collective INTACT, and CultureHub together to discuss the artistic, cultural, and technical implications of employing telepresence and other internet based technologies in live, multi-location performance.

Staging the Network (EN)

Embassy of Chile – Paris (FR)


The AMBASSADOR PROJECT describes a proposal by the Ambassador of Chile in France, Patricio Hales, with the collaboration of Silpa Art to organize a collective exhibition.
Silpa Art, represents this group of artists, which has responded with his work to this and other initiatives of representation of the Chilean culture. They are: Liza Marzolo, Sara Malinarich, Navellan Lourdes, Maria Elena Navellan, Rachael Runner, Gonzalo Sanchez (Pikti), Manuel Teran, Jasna Tomasevic and Sebastian Yrarrázaval
Their works, now exhibited at the Chilean Embassy in Paris, share space with the work of others, such fundamental Chilean artists like Nemesio Antúnez, José Balmes, Gracia Barrios, Rose Bru, among others. But it is also the atmosphere that they share in the residence of the poet Pablo Neruda, with his books, piano, dining reserving a chair French General Charles de Gaulle, historical documents, the daily correspondence and their rapt rooms. It is even more essential talks about the history and future: The atmosphere of prodigious that the Ambassador opens today to show a new repertoire of ideas and their representation.


The International Museum of Electrography – Innovation Centre in Art and New Technologies (MIDECIANT) of Cuenca is a museum and research centre (labelled as a lab-museum) which belongs to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), whose regular staff forms part of several departments of the university (mainly of Fine Arts, Art History, Humanities, Technical and Computer Engineering). As a museum, MIDE has a collection of more than four thousand artworks of electrographic and digital art, which are stored and distributed to be consulted by scholars and researchers who request them, and it also has an exhibit room for temporary exhibitions in the ancient part of the city.