Carnival. Distributed telepresence system

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Carnival is a distributed telepresence system based on electronic and digital devices, which we call modules. Carnevale creates a network of interconnected assets facilitating the exchange of data in real time between two or more points and simultaneously opens a passage in cyberspace for the incorporation of other presences and interactions. Therefore, the experience of […]

Host’s Diary

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This project of artistic telepresence reproduces the dilemma of the host. In Spanish the term “huésped” is ambiguous, and so it was its latin origin “hospes,” a word used to refer both to those who host someone and to those who are hosted (this is why we chose the English term “host” which clearly comes […]

Just in case

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“Just In Case” happened on december 9th 2011. It took place in four different art centers simultaneously. A performer in Laboral (Gijon, Spain) interacted with an installation in Hangar (Barcelona, Spain) while a musical collaboration among five musicians occurred between Lieu Multiple (Poitiers, France) and Laboral. A remote audience in SAT (Montreal, Canada) watched the whole […]