Biography & Curriculum


New Media Artist. Director of INTACT Project and Curator in Silpa Art ( in Paris, France.

Born in Santiago de Chile, Sara Malinarich is an independent artist and curator. As an artist, he started in painting, however, after his first trip to Europe and his studies in digital graphics, he continued his career in the field of art and new technologies. In the context of globalization, Malinarich brings communications technology to collaborative networked art. And in 2005 he founded the open source project INTACT, dedicated to the telecommunication creation through the Internet. Currently, this is a network of artists and creative centers that work collaboratively; perhaps the largest and most stable of the last decade in the area of ​​artistic telepresence. Among the latest activities of the INTACT Project is the programming of the BOT artist @Rachael_Runner: a twitter profile that interacts with users in real time, generating personalized graphic work with the mere fact of sending a tweet that includes a specific hashtag.

In parallel, Sara Malinarich devotes part of her efforts to research in her personal works, always related to the multimedia universe. Thanks to this constant activity, the works of this artist have taken place in numerous art centers around the world and she has participated in conferences in different universities and mediation spaces. In 2012 he received the 100Latinos at Casa de América, Madrid recognition award for innovation.

As an independent curator, Malinarich organized her first exhibition of graphic work in Spain, called “Nocturnidad y Alevosía”, in 2008. As of 2010 she is responsible for an art gallery in Madrid and is in charge of exhibitions of abstract artists from the likes of Viola, Jasper Johns, Feito, etc. When she moved to Paris in 2014, Sara Malinarich began to develop a project to represent Latino artists in Paris. To this day there are numerous exhibitions organized by painters, photographers and sculptors. Their events are usually held in art halls of Le Marais and Saint Germain-de-Pres. In June of this year, President Emmanuel Macron invited her to participate in an evening at the Elysée in the context of the Latin American Week 2018, in recognition of the cultural management of Malinarich in France.




  • Master  Innova Business School USA. MASTER Management, expertise and promotion of contemporary art.
  • DIPLOMA Expertise in Works of Art and Antiquities. University of Nebrija. Madrid, Spain


  • Doctoral studies. “The New Visual Culture”. Program 9940. University Castilla – La Mancha. School of Fine Arts. Cuenca, Spain.
  •  “Explorer to the Memory” (Workshop and seminar). Centre Cypres. Marseille, France.
  •  “Globalización, emigración y cultura” (Seminar). University Castilla – La Mancha. Cuenca, Spain.


  • Master of Fine Art (M.F.A). Tracor Spain. The Art Institute. Area of specialization: Multimedia and virtual reality. Madrid, Spain.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.). Area of specialization: Painter. Graduated with Maximum Distinction. University of Chile. School of Fine Arts. Santiago of Chile, Chile.


  •  Professional Degree in Painting. Graduate with highest honors (Maxima Cum Laude). University of Chile. School of Fine Arts. Santiago of Chile, Chile
  • Bachelor Arts (B.A.). Graduated with Distinction. University of Chile. School of Fine Arts. Santiago of Chile, Chile

Grants and Residences


  • Can Serrat. Art center. Barcelona, Spain (2016)
  • Space Mendes France, Lieu Multiple. Poitiers, France (2015).
  • Space Mendes France, Lieu Multiple. Poitiers, France (2014).
  • MediaLab Prado. Citizen laboratory for production. Madrid, Spain (2013).
  • Hangar Art Center and Production. Barcelona. Spain (2011).
  • Laboral. Industrial art and creation center. Plat0. Gijón. Spain (2011).


  •  University Castilla – La Mancha. School of Fine Arts Cuenca. Department of History of Art and ARTEA (Virtual archive of scenic arts). Cuenca, Spain.

2001- 2005

  • University Castilla – La Mancha. The International Electrography Museum (MIDE). Cuenca, Spain.


  • Tracor Spain. The Arts Institute. Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Special award Multimedia and Virtual Reality. Santiago of Chile, Chile.


  • 2012 Recognition Award 100Latinos Madrid. Fusionarte association. Casa de América. Madrid, Spain.
  • 1991 First Poetry Award. National competition. Ministry of Culture. Chile.

Exhibitions and festivals


  • Dec 24 – January 3, 2018.  Addis Video Art Festival. (FEMALE). Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • November 19-22. Casa Encendida. She Make Noise Festival. Madrid, Spain.
  • October 4th. Ireland, Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan Co.  (FEMALE). Clare, Ireland.
  • 22-29 September.  Play, Semana de Videoarte  (FEMALE). Corientes, Argentine.
  • 24 August. Medrar for Contemporary Art. (FEMALE). Cairo, Egypt.
  • January 12-31. Mamia Bretesche Gallery and Revus TK21. (PROTEST). Paris, France.


  • December 12th to 18th. Espacioenter. Canarias Islands, Spain.
  • November 18th-29th. Aknoon Art Gallery. Isfahan, Iran.
  • November 13th.  Circulo de Arte. Toledo, Spain.
  • September -October. “Kaunas in Art”. Lithuania.
  • August 19th-21th.  Azad Art Gallery. Iran, Tehran.
  • 10th June. Museo de la Mujer. Argentine.
  • May-June. Dak’Art Biennale. Senegal.
  • March.  Area Lugar de Proyectos. Puerto-Ricco.


  • January. Space Mendes France, Lieu Multiple. Installation “Carnival. Modular system of distributed telepresence. Permanent exhibition. Poitiers, France.
  • February. Medialab-Prado. Citizen laboratory for production. Installation “Carnival. Modular system of distributed telepresence”. Permanent exhibition. Madrid, Spain.
  • March. Le Cube. Video Exhibition. Femlink. Paris, France.
  • March. Mamia Bretesché Gallery. Video Collage Femlink. Paris, France.
  • June. Mamia Bretesché Gallery. Exhibition Carnival System of INTACT Project. Les Jeudis Arty 2015. Paris, France
  • July. Art Monaco Contemporary Fair. Exhibition. Monaco
  • August. L’Espace Point de Vue de Lauzerte. Video exhibition.  Lauzerte, France.


  • November. Culturehub Art Center. Refest. Festival of  innovation. New York. USA
  • September. Arts Worcester. Worcester, Massachusetts. USA.
  • August. Associazione Culturale Khorakhanè – “So Far, So Good”. Abano. Italy
  • June. Mamia Bretesché Gallery – “Marais-Digital”. France, Paris.
  • May.  INTACT Project and telematic dance and mobile stages. Mov-s  Festival. Alhóndiga, Cultural Centro. Bilbao, Spain.
  • April. 2014 “El Portal. Sueños transitorios”. Teleshared action in real time. Collaborative artwork among artists located at Fine Art school of University of Cuenca (Ecuador), Teatro do Frio (Oporto, Portugal) y ArtekLab (Donostia, Spain).  
  • March. Fuga Industrial Festival. Lebensohn Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentine.
  • February. [.BOX] Videoart Project Space. Milano, Italy.
  • February. 5s Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • February. International feminist exhibition. Gallery of Fine Arts. Split, Croatia.
  • January. “Polizone” (Huésped Project 3.0). Artistic telepresence. MediaLab Prado (Madrid, Spain), Arteleku (Donostia, Spain) and Matralab (Montreal, Canada).
  • January. “Agua-espejo de Poitier. Reflejo de un visitante”. Project: “The garden of reflection”. Space Mendes France, Lieu Multiple. Poitiers, France.


  • December. The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale at Pluton Space. Valencia, Spain.
  • November. The Wrong digital art biennale. “Overflow”. World Wide Web.
  • October. TEDx Retiro. P.L.A.T. Installation “Picto Lumínico Audio Táctil”. Madrid, Spain.
  • July. MediaLab Prado and Concordia University (Montreal, Canadá). “Overflow. A note of suicide”. Telepresence and robotic. Madrid, Spain.
  • March 2013. Contemporary Art Center Ujazwski Castle – Kino-Lab. Warsaw, Poland.
  • February. Centro de Innovación BBVA (Madrid) and Arteleku (Donostia). Huésped. Telepresence and robotic. Spain.


  • 7th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2012). Sattal Estate, Bhimtal. India.
  • 6 March to 30 March. National Art-Centre of Mexico. Mexico.
  • 9Th May-June.  Casa Talavera. Mexico City, Mexico.


  • INTACT Project. “Just in Case”. Teleshared action. Laboral, Center for Art and Industrial Creation. Plat0 (Gijón. Spain) + Space Mendes Frances – Lieu Multiple (Poitiers, France) + Hangar (Barcelona, Spain), with the collaboration of SAT -Societé des art Technologiques (Montreal, Canada).
  • INTACT Project. Teleshared installation “Milhouse”. Laboral, Center for Art and Industrial Creation. Plat0 (Gijón. Spain) in collaboration with SAT -Societé des art Technologiques (Montreal, Canada).
  • Rollstone Studio, Art Gallery.  Fitchburg, MA. EEUU
  • Artos Foundation. Cultural and research foundation. Cyprus.
  • TAC. Temporary Art Centre. Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • A+A Gallery. Mendoza, Argentine.


  • Art Madrid. Contemporary Art Fair. “Resident”. Madrid. Spain.


  • The 4th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2009). New Delhi. India.
  • Art Madrid. Contemporary Art Fair. Tizas Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
  • Space Enter. Canarias, Spain.
  • Arte Nuevo InteractivA’75: International Biennial of new arts and Laboratory, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.


  • Digital Media 1.0 Festival. La NAU. Valencia, Spain
  • Microfestival “Error Humano”. Cuenca, Spain.
  • “Aguas Corrientes”. Telesharing action. Sala Magatzem (Valencia) + Terraza del Júcar (Cuenca). Organized by INTACT Project. Spain.


  • International exhibitions of Video and Sculpture, “Identidad-Intimidad”. National Library of Santiago. Chile.
  • Estoesloquehay. Muestra artística rural. Salas Altas, Huesca, España.
  • Arte Nuevo InteractivA’75: International Bienn of new arts and Laboratory, Mérida, Yucatán, México.
  • Festival Net-Act [Agir et réagir sur la toile]. Maison Populaire, Paris. France.


  • Festival INTACT [00]. “Migrations for a dream”. Teleshared actions (Cuenca + Paris + Asturias). Organized by INTACT Project. Spain and France.
  • Digital. 1313Gallery. Organized by Toronto, Canada. 
  • Supercomputing Center of Galicia Foundation. Teleshared action “Nidos y nodos”. Galicia, Spain.
  • Play Festival. Video Festival of Buenos Aires, Junín. Argentine.
  • Art tech media 06. Congress of Art and New Technologies and Collective exhibitions at: Presidencia Gobierno de Canarias [Tenerife], Museo de Arte, Contemporáneo Unión Fenosa. MACUF [A Coruña], Centro Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo. Artium [Vitoria], Da2 – Domus Artum 2002. [Salamanca], Centro Párraga. [Murcia], BilbaoArte. [Bilbao], Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona. CCCB. [Barcelona], Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma. [Palma de Mallorca], National Museum and Art Center Reina Sofía. [Madrid]. Spain.
  • “Libro de artistas: Por un futuro” (Collective exhibition). Espacio de Arte del Departamento de Artes Visuales. Prilidiano Pueyrredón-IUNA. Buenos Aires, Argentine.


  • “Theatricality and Resistance”. International Congress of researchers. Museum of Science of Castilla-La Mancha and Antonio Pérez Foundation. Cuenca, Spain.
  • Interferencias. International festival of Junin. Buenos Aires, Argentine.
  • Without Border, Contemporary Art Festival. Ayers Island. University of Maine. Orono, USA.
  • Limes. International Festival of performances. Lilla Theater. Lund, Sweden.
  • Symbiosis, Zones of contact. International festival of Art and Science. Luarca, Asturias, Spain.
  • Trans-Art. Art and Electrography. International exhibition. University of Talca, Chile.
  • “Performagia03”. International festival of performance. Chopo Museum. Centre Ex Teresa. Mexico City D. F. Mexico.


  • F.A.S. Art exhibition in Santiago at Department of National Defense. Organized by Santiago of Chile, Chile.
  • Walking Commerce. Intervention on streets of Santiago of Chile, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Chile.
  • Excentra. International Festival. San Gregorio de Polanco and Paso de los Toros. Uruguay.


  • MAC. Contemporary Art Museum of Sao Paulo.  “Trazos de Razón”. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Clave Gallery of Art. Fotoencuentros. Festival of Photograph. Murcia, Spain.

Projects in collaboration


  • “Érase de una vez Don Qujote de la Mancha”. Installation interactive in collaboration with Jorge Ruiz Abánades and Diego Agulló. Cervantes Institute. Berlin, Germany.


  • European Project. e-Galab. Electronic Gallery and Laboratory. Project supported by the European Commission within the Culture2000 Program. Partners: MIDE (Spain), CYPRES (France) and CIANT (Czech Republic).



  • Embassy of Chile in Paris. “Embassador Project”, chilean art in representation. Paris, France.


  • Lieu Multiple. Space Mendes France. Lecture: “Carnival System. Artistic telepresence”. Poitiers, France.
  • Medialab Prado. Citizen laboratory for production. Lecture: “Carnival System. Artistic telepresence”. Madrid, Spain.
  • Institute of Theater. European Project, ViSet. Europe Creative program. Lecture: “INTACT Project and Carnival System”. Barcelona, Spain and Manchester, UK.


  • Culture Hub. Longtable “Staging the Network: A Discussion about Telecommunications for Performance”. New York, USA.
  • MUSAC. Contemporary Art Museum. “IV Meeting about social networks in museums and in art and production centers”. León, Spain.
  • Alhóndiga. Center of Art and Culture. Mov-s Festival. Bilbao, Spain
  • MediaLab Prado. Citizen laboratory for production. “The overflow of telepresence”. Madrid, Spain
  • Lieu Multiple. Space Mendes France. The garden of reflection. Artistic telepresence. Poitiers, France.
  • Medialab, University of Cuenca. Nodes Seminar. INTACT Project and telepresence. Cuenca Ecuador.


  • MediaLab Prado. Citizen laboratory for production. “Overflow. Telepresence”. Huésped Project. Intact Project. Madrid, Spain.
  • Innovation center BBVA. “Telepresence and robotic”. Huésped Project. Intact Project. Madrid, Spain.


  • University of Castilla La-Mancha. Lecture: “Interface for teleshared action”. Cuenca, Spain.
  • Digital Media 1.0 Festival. La NAU. Director: José Ramón Alcalá. Lecture: virtual communities: “Interface for teleshared action”. Valencia, Spain.


  • Antonio Pérez Foundation. Seminar “Theatricality and Resistance”. Lecture: “Orbita05 Project. Telepresence and virtual spaces for teleshared actions”. Cuenca, Spain.


  • Andrés Bello University. School of Fine Arts. Lecture: “Creation, Tele-Shared and Immersive Virtual Reality”. Santiago of Chile.
  • University of Valladolid. Master of Museology. Lecture: “Interface, navigation and Interactivity on not lineal Systems”. Valladolid, Spain.
  • University of Zaragoza. Master of Contemporary Art and Museology Critic. Lecture: “Meta-language: Virtual interface and not lineal constructions”. Zaragoza, Spain.
  • University of Castilla – La Mancha. Lecture: “Investigation in the European Week of the Science and Technology 2003”. Cuenca. Spain.